"Home of the Firebirds"

Opportunities to Help

Every child is unique. We believe that all students are gifted; having different interests and levels of ability; with success and growth coming from self-discovery, determination, encouragement and praise. However, we also recognize that some students with exceptional artistic abilities learn differently. Our mission is to enhance our students' core curriculum with experiences in the visual, performing, dramatic and martial arts; to use Toaist precepts of mindfulness, concentration, and the healing harmony of meditation; to incorporate these experiences into their individual academic achievements regardless of race, creed, sex, or ethnicity;  and to use them as a vehicle: to inspire and motivate them, to help manage their learning differences, to develop concentration and stress relief strategies, and to develop their artistic talents.

Volunteer Speakers

We are always looking for motivated people who are willing to share information about their career with the students. Call today to arrange a day for your presentation!


Reading Volunteers

We are seeking parents, family members, or friends in the community who are willing to spend time reading with our students.

Technology Volunteers

We are seeking people knowledgeable in the use of smart-board technology and computer networking. Volunteers familiar with educational apps and other educational technology would be very helpful. Looking for volunteers handy with PC and/or MAC.  Call today for more information on how to help. (813) 720-1166